Scavenger Hunt Before & After Shots

A group of members photo’s from the Scavenger Hunt Night which was held on the 4th April 2017. Below you will see their before & after shots of the night. It was a fun night with our members roaming around Parkes taking photo’s of various items on the list below.

This list shows 10 items to find & take a photo of. The time limit was 1Hr. The before photo is what they took on the night & the after photo is after they edited it on the computer.

Here is a copy of that list. Try it yourself & see how you go & have fun.

Parkes Camera Club

Photo Scavenger Hunt 2017

  1. Beverage
  2. Easter
  3. Stairs
  4. Bark
  5. Something Smooth
  6. Old
  7. Flag
  8. Something starting with P
  9. Road Sign
  10. Something Oval

Here are some examples from our members:



Thanks to the following Members:

Denis Crute; Frances Thorton; Jackie Charlton; Keith Turk & Steve Ostini



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