2016 WDACC Competition

This year’s annual WDACC was held in Dubbo, NSW on September 10th, 2016.   Members Frances Thornton, Steve Ostini, Cathy McPherson, Maree Tanswell, and Jackie Charlton traveled to Dubbo to attend.


We tried to win Interclub digital print for the 4th year in a row.  Alas we didn’t make it.  Though a respectable third was in the cards.  These are our 10 third place interclub photos that we entered.

01_bg_pcc_-stunt-rider-jpg02-sg_baby-orangutan-jpg03_sg_pcc_-rodeo-riderjpg04_jb_pcc-_gail-jpg06_mt_pcc_-looking-down-jpg07_jc_pcc_bird-reflection-jpg08_jm_pcc_outright-jpg09_ft_pcc_pink-flower-jpg010_so_pcc_sandy-pool-jpgjoanneFor the first time ever we did win first place in the interclub print section.

Here is a look at the prints all up on the wall.

We were even more excited to see individual members received awards.

Maree Tanswell won second in the Novice Section with her photo “OWLS”


Joanne Strom won second in the Open Section with her “BEE”


Steve Ostini , Frances Thornton and Joanne Strom won merits with these below images


What an accomplishment for the Parkes Camera club.  Congrats everyone.


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