About Our Town Parkes

The Parkes Camera Club has been very quiet on this blog for a few months.  That is only because we have been very active in our community taking photos for festivals and preparing for WDACC again this year.  We have done a practical on how to compose your photos which left our members with a take home project of composing our local landmarks.  Members were out and about looking at Parkes from all different perspectives.

( A little history of our town from the council website)

Parkes area remained relatively unsettled until 1862 when the discovery of gold led to a hastily erected ‘canvas’ town known as “Currajong” which accommodated thousands of hopeful gold seekers.  A further discovery of gold in 1871 at the nearby Bushman’s Gold Mine helped the district to become one of the richest gold producing areas in the colony.

In 1873 the then Prime Minister of New South Wales, Sir Henry Parkes, showed his interest in the district by visiting the diggings.  On December 1, 1873 the name of the settlement was changed from Bushmans to Parkes in honour of the great statesman.  Sir Henry Parkes visited Parkes in 1887 and gave the town the Fontana Bust, which is displayed at Parkes Shire Council.  In that same year Parkes changed the name of its main street to ‘Clarinda’ – lady Parkes’ christian name.

As mining diminished in importance, the plough, the combine and the harvester became the new symbols of progress.

We leave you with a little taste of what our town looks like from proud members.

Jim2 2.20.08 pmJulie-1091 2.20.08 pmKeith Inter no2 2.20.08 pmSteve3 2.20.08 pmVicki 2 2.20.08 pmWinner Craig 2.20.08 pmWinner Maree 2 2.20.08 pm


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