How To Use Our Camera Night and Take Home Assignment

 Our new 2016 camera club program has begun and it is an exciting one.

Camera clubs start up with many different levels of members.

The experienced amateurs who want to learn more through the association with other photographers. New amateurs , who have just acquired a new camera and realize that there is more to it than fully auto. These members want to learn the basics. Lastly professional and semi professional who want to learn new skills and continue to be challenged photographically but are keen to assist new photographers in their learning journey. That describes our club to a tee. We have had a lot of new amateurs interested in this club and so we realized it was time to do a practical night on how to use your camera.  Our president Steve Ostini did a wonderful job at doing a basic introduction on how ISO, Aperture and Shutter Speed work all together to get a proper exposure.   Then he dived in with some more detail on what happens when you want to get more creative.  What happens when you go from a small aperture to a large one, and the same with slow vs fast shutter speeds.   The message we took home the night of February 2nd, 2016  was to not be scared of your camera.  Play with a different setting,  a different shutter speed or aperture and see what happens. That was exactly what our take home assignment was.  Get out there and change your shutter speed or aperture and bring those tries to the next meeting. On February 16th we had our club meeting followed by just a very relaxed night at seeing what everyone achieved by playing.  Experienced amateurs to the beginners all enjoyed seeing what we did right and wrong with our attempts to try something different.  Here is a few of the photos from that night. cc4cc3 cc5 cc8 cc10 cc11 cc12 cc14 cc17 cc22



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