Dr. Joe Cronin and Drone Photography

blog2On March 1st Dr. Joe Cronin was our guest speaker for the night.  Joe has a PhD  in robotics and works at Northparkes mines as an Automation Projects Manager.  He has over 25 years experience in complex technical project management and robotics in weapons systems and unmanned vehicles.  Last year Northparkes became the first mine to be on full automation. Where fully autonomous 50 tonne vehicles roam the production level 24 hours a day / 7 days a week with no operators in the cabins.  We had the pleasure of Joe coming to our club and doing a talk on drone photography.  It was a highly informative and amusing talk.  Joe is an amazing speaker and made sure that we knew how each piece works together to be able to take photos from the air.   It is amazing how the technology has advanced over the years.  A very new and up incoming photography that many in our club were keen to give a try.  Some pocket books are going to be a little lighter next week.    We had 26 people come to listen to Joe and everyone left not only inspired by what a drone can do but also from some of the latest camera information Joe was privy to that we hadn’t heard about.    He recommended visiting : http://diydrones.com/  to learn more about making your own drone for photography as well as making http://www.hobbyking.com  your friend.

Thank you Dr. Joe Cronin for a great evening.



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