Ansel Adams “Landscape photography is the supreme test of the photographer

Landscape photography shows spaces within the world and this little club was on a mission to find a local space to practice. Even though weeks of location scouting was done the weather just did not cooperate for us on the night of our practical club meeting.  That’s the hard part of landscape photography.  We find a place that catches our eye and we envision a scene we want to create but pesky weather derails our creativity.   A landscape photograph that wows us is 9 times out of 10, done through months of  reading weather information and returning to the same spot at the same time of day until the weather magically gives us perfection.  There is the rare one time that everything comes together as we drive by a spot or when we are on holiday.   Though in honesty landscape photos are very hard work.   Our practical night was a bust but our competition night was so inspiring.  Our small little group as one of our members said really travels the world.  For we saw photos from Tasmania,  Norway,  Coastal Australia,  deserts, Europe , Canada ,  and just out our back yards when canola was in it’s yellow glory.   Hope you enjoy.



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