The trick to forgetting the big picture is to look at everything close-up. Chuck Palahniuk

Macro Photography is the art of making small objects look big. During July and August while winter weather doesn’t provide a lot of bugs or flowers which are the more popular macro photography subjects, and the cold weather and short days make us want to snuggle by the fire.  This doesn’t stop the Parkes Camera Club in the least from raiding cupboards, and grocery stores for some workshop props.  Armed with jewellery, knick knacks, flowers, and some lights members set up stations and then rotated around the rooms changing aperature and shutter speeds waiting for the perfect shot.IMG_8816IMG_9250

Two weeks after macro tutorial and practical night, club members got to see fellow club members results.Warren  Jackie Winner - Craig Winner - MareeKeith Jim Denis Adv Aug Comp Poppy Stamen Joanne13 Adv Comp 1 JulieBrown-7229 Winner - Frances Adv Aug Comp 1

The next month is a busy one for our little club.  We have the Annual Parkes Show coming up so there is a lot of prep and judging for the photography section at the show.  This follows the WDACC which we are hosting this year.  So we maybe a little quiet while these competitions are going on.   I want to leave you with this great news.  One of our club members Julie Brown has made it into the Top Shot  2015  Catalogue for the Federation of Camera Clubs.   Well done Julie!!


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