Sunset Photography Night

On the 18th of Feb the Parkes Camera Club held a sunset practical night.  There was a good turn out with members meeting at the Neighbourhood Centre before heading out to a property a few kilometers North of town. 

Members getting ready for sunset – Taken by Tim Ruckley


Members were armed with the following sunset photography tips:

1. Turn your flash off (or use slow sync): Your flash will do very little unless you are trying to light up a nearby foreground object.  In this case you will want to use slow flash sync and a tripod.

2. Use your tripod: Using your tripod allows you to use slow shutter speeds without worrying about camera shake.

3. Use a small aperture (large number) e.g f16+: A small aperture value will increase the depth of field allowing more of the scene to be in focus.

Image from Eric Teske website


4. Low to medium ISO e.g. 200, 400: High ISO will introduce noise and since we will be using a tripod we are able to get away with using a low ISO.

Image from Exposure Guide website


5. Use exposure compensation: Pointing the camera into the sun can confuse the camera’s built in light meter.  If your photos are coming out too bright try setting your exposure compensation to the negative side, if your photos are too dark set the exposure compensation to the positive side.

Image from Hardenhuish School website


6. Look behind you: Sometimes objects that are lit by the warm light from of a sunset can be more interesting than the sunset itself.

Many members commented at the end of the night that they may not have remembered all of the tips, but tried a few out and as a result got to know their camera a little better. This means they become a little more confident to try different settings out when they are next photographing a sunrise/sunset and this is our aim for every practical night.

 Sunset – Taken by Tim RuckleyImageOur next meeting is on Tuesday 4th March at 7pm and we will be holding a competition for sunset photography. New and regular members are invited to attend. Bring your best three images along on the night. Hope to see you there 🙂


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