The Annual Parkes Elvis Festival

It has been sooooo long since the last post and lots has happened for our little club since then. One of the most exciting things to happen for our club in the past few months is taking on the role of official photographers for the annual Parkes Elvis Festival. The towns population is said to double each year for the event and this year was no different with an estimated 15000 visitors coming to Parkes for the 5 day event from all over Australia and even overseas. Not all members were available, but the club would like to thank Steve Ostini, Frances Thornton, Jim Mackay, Barry Green, Maree Tanswell, Julie Brown, Keith Turk, Don Perera, Marc Payne, Joanne Strom & Monique Wye for representing the club so well. Here are some images taken during the event

Vintage cars on show taken by Joanne Strom

31 Joanne 1

Mark Andrew in concert taken by Steve Ostini

24 Steve 1

Elvis at a local cafe taken by Julie Brown

15 Julie 1

Elvis busker taken by Jim MacKay

11 Jim 1

Some local enthusiasts who suited up for the occasion taken by Keith Turk

6 keith 3

All members who participated in the role commented that they had a lot of fun and were able to get something that they were happy with. Frances Thornton found one of the benefits to being an official photographer was getting to know special guests Cynthia Pepper, Kathleen DeNike & Mark Andrew. Frances commented that they were all lovely people to work with.

More images from the Parkes Elvis Festival can be found on our facebook page. If you would like to learn more about the festival just click here.

Because of the clubs involvement in Parkes Elvis Festival many new opportunities have come up, which should make for a very busy but exciting 2014. Another great outcome for the club is the generous donation from the Parkes Elvis Festival Committee of $500 at our most recent meeting for our contribution to the festival.

Club President Steve Ostini accepting the donation from Lorraine Job on behalf of the Parkes Elvis Festival Committee


We also have the Camera Club Program for 2014, which includes a new monthly photo challenge which will be reviewed in December at our Christmas party. The idea is that we have something to inspire us continually through the year as well as our usual monthly competition. We are also revisiting some of the more popular nights including the studio nights for macro, portraits and liquid photography. There are also some new additions thanks to the suggestions of our members including a sunset, street photography, black and white and landscape tutorial and practical nights.

Our next meeting is on Tuesday 18th February at 7pm and we will be heading out to do some sunset photography. New and regular members are invited to attend, we just ask that you try to be there by 7pm so we can head off to our destination before it gets too dark. Bring your camera, tripod and best to wear joggers on the night. Hope to see you there 🙂


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