Open Competition

Open competitions are by far the hardest to judge, you can have 8 amazing photos in front of you that would have easily won if the category was macro, landscape or portrait. But, when put up against images in completely different categories it often comes down to something unusual that catches your eye or a subject that personally interests the judges. For example, I really enjoy landscape photography and would pick a landscape image over a portrait image any day. Luckily we all vote for what we think is the best image, so it takes that subject bias out to some extent. Here are our winners

Beginner – Kiralee Thornton


Intermediate – Barry Green


Advanced – Joanne Strom

Ad Winner Joanne

All fantastic images and it really showcased what our club members enjoy shooting because there wasn’t the usual topic restraints. Please note that all images are Copyright and remain the property of the photographers.

If you would like to join us at the Parkes Camera Club the next meeting is on Tuesday the 1st of October, held the the Parkes Neighbourhood Centre at 7:30pm. We will be holding an action/sport photography competition.

Lastly apologies for the lateness in posting this, it has been a very hectic couple of months. I have a little more catching up to do in the next few days so keep posted.


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