Macro & Still life Competition

Boy oh boy is the standard of images being stepped up at our little camera club! This is fantastic to see and shows that we are all learning and putting into practice some tricks and tips for better photos. Although this is great news for the club it makes it difficult when it comes to judging images in the competition and choosing a favourite shot in each category. The shot that caused the most talk on the night was from Naiomi Jones in the beginner category. Naiomi created this image by combining oil and detergent and using a piece of orange paper and the results was amazing. We will be giving this a go on the liquid night so everyone can test it out.

Beginner Winner – Naiomi Jones

001 Naiomi Jones Winner

Intermediate Winner – Jim MacKay

008 Jim MacKay winner

Advanced Winner – Zoe Ruckley

011 Zoe Ruckley winner

All up there was 15 entrants on the night and you can check out the top shot from each person on facebook. Please note that all images are Copyright and remain the property of the photographers.

If you would like to join us at the Parkes Camera Club the next meeting is on Tuesday the 16th June, held the the Parkes Neighbourhood Centre at 7:30pm. We will be holding a smoke trails practical night and also revisiting macro techniques. So bring along your camera and tripod, hope to see you there!


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