Macro & Still Life Practical Night

During the colder months it is nice to stay indoors and complete some studio photography, especially now with the new lighting system the club owns. We setup the two backdrops back to back with items spaced along each side including flowers, food, peacock feathers, buttons and other assorted interesting items and let the snappers loose. We set the lights on model which as you can see in the images below gives a warm tone, so most people needed to adjust their white balance to suit .

Neil helping Naiomi with her camera settings

macro 1

Using the modelling lights allowed more people to take photographs at a time and pretty soon there was 3-5 people on either side snapping away. The small space did make it a bit awkward when tripods were added into the mix but everyone got in and had a go and looked at what others were achieving.

Margaret & Barry testing out their settings

macro 2

All in all an enjoyable night with many pleasing results. The meeting that followed this was the macro/still life competition which will be posted in a few days.

If you would like to join us at the Parkes Camera Club the next meeting is on Tuesday the 16th July, held the the Parkes Neighbourhood Centre at 7:30pm. We will be holding another practical night giving people the opportunity to capture smoke trails from incense and we will also have 1/2 room set up for people to have another test of macro/still life settings, so bring along your tripod and macro lens if you have one.



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