The Photo Scavenger Hunt!

I have personally been looking forward to this meeting since I first insisted that we do it when determining the program late last year. Although the idea needed lots of explaining and forward planning it was a very enjoyable night and ran quite successfully. The idea behind the scavenger hunt was for people to push themselves past their comfort zones in photography and to get creative with the subjects in the list.

Here is the list and rules that I came up with to make it a fair playing ground


We had so many wonderfully creative results and people really seemed to enjoy the challenge and getting out to take photos. There were some great stories to accompany the photographs and many had us questioning where it was taken, even though most of us have been Parkes locals for a number of years.

Here is an example of what people found out an about with a photograph from each category above

Lights – Jan Powter


Pattern – Steve Ostini

2 Ostini S

Red – Leanne Riley3 Riley L

Reflection – Keith Turk

4 Turk K

Writing – Kelli Edwards

5 Edwards K

Food – Joanne Strom

6 Strom J

Flowers/Leaves – Neil Cox

7 Cox N

Architecture – Kiralee Thornton

8 Thornton K

Looking Up – Natasha Barber

9 Barber N

Photographer’s Choice – Kerrie Edwards

10 Edwards Kerrie

What I enjoyed about the night was that everyone knew what they took would be shown as it was taken so they searched for interesting subjects, watched their framing & tested different angles. The more you can get right when snapping the less time you will spending adjusting and tweaking on the computer.

You can check out the photographs from the rest of the participants on facebook. Please note that all images are Copyright and remain the property of the photographers.

If you would like to join us at the Parkes Camera Club the next meeting is on the 2nd April, held the the Parkes Neighbourhood Centre at 7:30pm. We will be holding a Wildlife competition, followed by a documentary on two of Australia’s landscape photography legends.


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