Photojournalism Competition

For the first competition of 2013 we kick it of with Photojournalism, which is definitely a style of photography that gets you thinking. The idea behind photojournalism is that the image must tell a story to the audience. We had some fabulous examples from the Parkes Elvis Festival and Australia Day where the audience knew straight away what was happening when the shot was taken.

Being the first competition of the year and a hard topic it was amazing to see that we had 14 people enter the comp, including many new members. The competition aspect of the club is a great opportunity to improve and grow your own photography style because even if you aren’t submitting photos you will still get a lot out of it by seeing what other members shot and learn how they did it.

There are three categories for our competition (Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced) and each category winner is voted on by the members of the club. Here are the winners

Beginner – Michael Samson

Michael Samson photojournalism lo res

Intermediate – Barry Green

Barry photojournalism lo res

Advanced Joint Winner – Joanne Strom

Joanne photojournalism lo res

Advanced Joint Winner – Zoe Ruckley

Zoe photojournalism lo res

Choosing the winner in each category proved tough, you can check out the best shot from each of the entrants on facebook.  Please note that all images are Copyright and remain the property of the photographers.

If you would like to join us at the Parkes Camera Club the next meeting is on the 19th of February, held the the Parkes Neighbourhood Centre at 7:30pm. We will be completing a night photography tutorial to prepare for the upcoming night photography competition. Hope to see you there!


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