What does this button do?

What a great start to the new year, so many new faces came to the first meeting – What does this button do?

Members and guests brought their cameras along and were able to experiment with the settings as they learned. We are fairly confident that everyone walked away having learned something. A number of people have also reported testing out the settings since the meeting too, which is great news.

Steve discussing what the shutter priority mode does


The meeting went through basic settings from scene modes, flash settings right through to more involved settings such as focus mode, metering mode and ISO settings. There was also a range of examples of which setting would be most appropriate for each situation, which helped everyone relate the setting back to what they like to take photographs of, whether that be landscapes, sports or portraits. If you missed out on the meeting don’t stress, we will revisit these settings when they are relevant to the photography tutorial.

The next meeting is on the 5th February and invites people to bring in three photographs for the photojournalism competition. If you are unsure what photojournalism is check out Luke Wong’s images from a previous blog post. If you want to stay up to date with the latest happenings just like Parkes Camera Club on facebook.


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