Visit from Luke Wong

Our last meeting of 2012 was very exciting with a visit from Luke Wong, who made many of the club members nostalgic about the good old film days.

Luke explained his passion for black and white photography and photojournalism, he also shared some great tips about adding depth to an image so it tells a story. Luke was also kind enough to share some of the images where black and white film had failed to produce a good shot. For example, when colour is important to the event, or busy backgrounds/patterns are lost in the grey tones.

The following is a small selection of images that Luke shared with us.

Tattoo Competition, Canberra 2006 – Luke Wong


Sheep-farmer, Narrandera 2006 – Luke-Wong

Graham Strong - Berrigo

Sunrise viewing, Taiwan 2007 – Luke Wong


Luke now works for ABC Open as an Open Producer for the Central West and told us how we can get involved and get out images noticed. If you haven’t already, you can sign up for free and submit your images to the ABC Open’s monthly Snapped photography project. You can also like the ABC Open facebook page to keep up to date with the latest projects. If you would like to find out more about Luke Wong visit the Central West ABC Open page.

Luke’s visit made me think about how I shoot, or rather don’t shoot black and white anymore. After discussing it with club members it seems that most of us shoot everything in colour and change to black and white when post processing. How about you, do you shoot black and white anymore?


3 thoughts on “Visit from Luke Wong

  1. Thanks to members of the Parkes Camera Club for letting me share some of my favourite images. I look forward to visiting again soon and seeing some of your photojournalism style works.

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