AGM Meeting and Architecture Competition Night

A year has gone by, oh my we are so sorry, but like many slightly neglected blogs it was because the Parkes Camera Club members have been so busy. As our AGM was this week, lets reflect on what an amazing year we have had as a club. In August we prepared for the Parkes Annual Show with our photography pavilion. September found us winning … Continue reading AGM Meeting and Architecture Competition Night

2014 Annual Photo Scavenger Hunt

After the success and fun had by members from the first Photo Scavenger Hunt it was decided that we would do another and possibly make it an annual event. The night took a bit of forward thinking, but again it gave us some good laughs and interesting images. The focus for the scavenger hunt is to get people to be creative in the camera, rather … Continue reading 2014 Annual Photo Scavenger Hunt

Sunset Photography Competition

The sunrise/sunset photography competition brought out many great shots, which made judging quite difficult and in many cases the winners only won by a couple of votes. Great sunset shots usually have a couple of common elements – great colour, interesting foreground and clouds in the sky. Beginner Winner – Natasha Barber Intermediate Winner – Jim MacKay Advanced Winner – Joanne Strom You can check … Continue reading Sunset Photography Competition

The Annual Parkes Elvis Festival

It has been sooooo long since the last post and lots has happened for our little club since then. One of the most exciting things to happen for our club in the past few months is taking on the role of official photographers for the annual Parkes Elvis Festival. The towns population is said to double each year for the event and this year was … Continue reading The Annual Parkes Elvis Festival

Action Photography Competition

Although it was a smaller turnout than usual due to many members being away or ill the standard was still very high, making the decisions difficult. A great action shot can be hard to capture and unless you know about the sport that you are photographing, it can be near impossible. Here are our winners from the night Beginner Winner – Keith Turk Intermediate Winner … Continue reading Action Photography Competition